All I want for Xmas is mobile content!

11 12 2008

Dear Santa,

It’s been over 20 years since I last wrote to you, but it’s taken some time to get over the disappointment of not getting the Cabbage Patch doll I wanted, you know.
This is the Xmas mobile site I created!
This Christmas, though, I’ve only got one simple wish: I created a mobile site called Mobislim (you can visit it by typing in your mobile browser and I would love to fill it with funny content to make people laugh. It’s all for a good cause, Santa, as any money we make from the site will go to Save The Children charity. My kind bosses at Bango have agreed to match the money made from the sales – I’ll never call them Scrooge again!

I’m sure you’ll agree that laughter is the best way to stay healthy, so anyone who contributes to Mobislim will be promoted for free, and get the opportunity to test their content using mobile analytics.

So please, Santa, can I get some fun content – images, videos, jokes, articles and games – to put on my mobile site, this Christmas? You can send them to me at and I’ll put all the best ones up. If you want to find out more, please visit the All I want for Xmas site in the Mobislim Blog.

With lots of love,


PS – I’ll leave extra chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk for you by the Christmas tree.

PPS – If you can arrange for a shiny new 3G iPhone or a date with George Clooney, I also really wouldn’t mind!

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3 months of mobile traffic on Mobislim analyzed with Bango Mobile Analytics

5 11 2008

After 3 months getting traffic to Mobislim, I thought it was time to have a look at how Mobislim has evolved and where the traffic has come from, which are the most popular countries that come to the site and how mobile advertising has affected these results.

Traffic August

Traffic August

August was the first month for Mobislim on the mobile web and we closed the month with 1213 unique visitors, 4129 page views, 68% organic and 32% paid traffic from all over the world through Google and Decktrade (campaigns ran for two weeks only). South Africa was the country that brought most traffic (33.5%) followed by US (16.4%) and UK (9.52%). The top operators where Vodacom South Africa (16.5%), MTN South Africa (15.09) and O2 UK (3.20%). Top 3 devices were Opera Mini (7.29%) Samsung E250 (3.80%) Nokia 6300 (3.17%).

September was a busy month for the site as we ran 7 different campaigns, all with very small budgets (total

Top 10 operators in September

Top 10 operators in September

expenditure $400). The month finished with 3,465 unique visitors that saw 11,493 page views, from which 65% came from organic traffic and 35% from mobile advertising. The campaigns ran in Google, Decktrade and Mojiva for 3 days, mainly targeted to US and UK. The top countries by page views were US (27.1%), South Africa (20%) and UK (6.4%). The top operators were Vodacom South Africa (10.8%), Metro PCS USA (10.5%) and MTN South Africa (8%). It is very interesting that the fourth most popular operator was Satelindo Indonesia which represents 5,1% and in the top 10 it is Bharti Cellular India (2.13%) and Telgua Guatemala (1,76%).

Finally October reflects a slow down in the traffic. We saw a total of 827 unique visitors and 2905 page views, 80% from organic traffic and 20% from paid traffic. We ran 5 campaigns,  for 3 days each, with the same expenditure by campaign as the month before, and again the countries targeted were US and UK. But the results speak for themselves…The campaigns were not as successful as the ones ran the previous month and the organic traffic has dropped dramatically.

Visitors overview in September

Visitors overview in September

Visitors overview in October

Visitors overview in October

The top 3 countries this month have been US, UK and India. The top 3 operators have been all for American networks, Metro PCS USA (7.6%) AT&T USA (6.3%) and Cricket USA (6.3%).

This is why it is so important to have a mobile analytics tool that gives you results in real time. I could have reacted earlier to the drop in traffic or I could have fine tuned the campaigns as they didn’t work as expected. Changes in trends and traffic are going to big difference to your business; when you invest just $400 a month in advertising is not a big deal, but let’s say you spend $5.000 in 3 different campaigns running for only 2 days, wouldn’t you like to know how your message was working by the hour? I would!

If you would like to see the traffic for these 3 months in more detail, then you can access our demo account where you can see all the Mobislim traffic as it happens. Just follow this easy steps:

1.Go to
2.In the login are your email would be and your password demo
3.Surf the analytics center to get a real taste of Bango mobile analytics.

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“Mobile advertising for newbies” Mobislim protagonist of this white paper

24 09 2008

I’m very pleased to announce that Mobislim has been selected as the WAP site to test mobile ad campaigns and measure results. It’s all part of a path-breaking white paper called “Mobile advertising for newbies”, that was announced today at ad-tech in London.


"Mobile advertising for newbies" white paperPeggy Anne Salz, author of the white paper and chief analyst and publisher of, has chosen this site because its the only open space available to marketers for experimentation and a perfect Petri dish to test all our ideas and assumptions about mobile campaigns and analytics tools. It’s going to be an exciting exercise that doesn’t stop there. Peggy and I will continue to blog about our experiences at our sites and encourage your participation and feedback.


So I invite everyone to road test mobile advertising and to use Mobislim as a platform for this. The site is an ideal destination where anyone can learn how to run successful mobile advertising campaigns, without having to spend lots of money in advance or even developing a mobile site.


To find out more about this white paper and download you complimentary copy, please go to

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