“Mobile advertising for newbies” campaign results in Admob Analytics

22 10 2008

Let’s have a look to the result obtained in the 3 campaigns that we ran with AdMob analytics for the white paper. To be clear, these results cannot possibly be the same as the Bango mobile analytics results as I used Admob query string in the destination URL, which means that the users from this campaigns are different than the users that clicked on the campaigns ran with Bango’s tracking links.

Decktrade Google Mo’jiva

Visits 323

Average time spent 13 sec.

Bounce rate 96%

Visits 21

Average time spent 17 sec.

Bounce rate 90.48%

Visits 127

Average time spent 3 sec

Bounce rate 98.43%

Let’s dig down in Decktrade:

The number of visits doesn’t vary that much between the 3 days of campaign, 121 visits on Wednesday, 97 on Thursday and 107 on Friday. Unique visitors are not identified in this campaign, and the number of page views is slightly higher than the number of visits, as you can see in the graphic.

The figure that worries me is the Bounce Rate, as it is very high every day. I haven’t managed to understand how this bounce rate is calculated, so I really would like someone from Admob to explain. Basically with this campaign, between 94% and 98% of users left the site straight away, which is not good news for mobislim : ( . AdMob help says it is: Single page view visits divided by the total number of visits. I need help on this one!

Let’s see now the engagement information:

312 visits of the campaign stayed on the landing page between 0-30 seconds, 3 between 31-60 seconds, 5

Lenght of visit in Admob analytics

Lenght of visit in Admob analytics

between 61-180, between 181-600 seconds and someone forgot to leave and stayed more than 600 seconds!

The depth of the visit (number of pages viewed) was mostly down to 1 page view, with 11 visits going around the site to find out more, as you can see in the graphic.

The loyalty (number of visits per user) tells me that only 2 users came more than once to the site and the visit interval (number of days since last visit) tells me that 324 visits are new.

Let’s have a look at the geo stats:

249 visits come from the US, 4 from the UK, both my target countries, and 70 visits came from a variety of countries that I wasn’t targeting. This means that 22% of my traffic didn’t come from my target countries.

Regarding operators, my most popular one was WIFI in United States with 76 visits, which means either a PC or a mobile phone getting to mobislim.wap.com through a WIFI connection in the US. I have 46 visits for unknown operators but they do say they are mobile, and another 46 from AOL. The list continues with different operators from different countries.

My top handset manufacturers were Nokia with 98 visits, Microsoft PC with 66, and Generic Windows Mobile with 45, followed by Motorola 24 and SonyEricsson 18.
What have I learnt from this results:

1.    The level of engagement is not very high but on the other hand the landing page had a clear call to action that was to download the chart, and you only need 4 seconds to read the message on the page…so maybe they just went straight away to download the chart and left the site afterwards looking for more content. We’ll try to measure conversion rates in future occasions.
2.    Targeting countries doesn’t seem to have such a great effect as 22% of my traffic came from countries I didn’t target.
3.    PC traffic is a big percentage of my traffic, I’m seriously starting to consider to expand Mobislim in to the PC world : )
4.    Generic windows mobile are 3rd in the rank, which means smartphone, I will consider this when planning my next campaign.

Let’s have a look now to Google:

The number of visits is higher on the Thursday (10) and Friday (7) than on Wednesday (4), with slightly higher number of page views on the Friday. Unique visitors are not shown for this campaign.

The level of engagement is showing me that 19 of the 21 stayed on the page between 0 and 60 seconds. In this campaign the first time interval is of 1 minute while in the Decktrade campaign was 30 seconds, I imagine the reason for this is the smaller number of visitors. The depth of visit says that 19 viewed 1-2 pages, 1 visited between 3 and 5 and 1 more than 6. All of the visits were new visits.

Let’s have a look at the geo stats. My 21 visits come from the US…hmmm, nobody looking for my keywords

Top operators from Google campaign in Admob analytics

Top operators from Google campaign in Admob analytics

in the UK? The 3 top operators are AT&T, Cricket Wireless and Sprint, and the top devices are, if I look to the manufacturer RIM, Palm and Motorola, looking the rest on the list and the models, mostly are smartphones.

My take in this Google campaign:

1.    Smartphones seem to be the kind of handsets that search the mobile internet the most.
2.    UK users don’t seem to be looking for burning calories keyword related terms on the mobile web

And to finish this post let’s have a look at Mo’jiva. The number of visits was 127 with more visits on the Thursday and the Friday. From an engagement point of

Visits recorded from the Mo'jiva campaign

Visits recorded from Mo'jiva in Admob anlaytics

view, this campaign is pretty similar to the other ones except for the average time spent that was 3 sec. This a bit too low from my point of view. Let’s see the geo stats – my top 3 countries were India (82), US (19) and Nigeria (10). My top 3 operators are Airtel Cellular India, Desktop in India and MTN Nigeria. My top 3 device manufacturers were Nokia (47) Microsoft PC (21) and Unknown (18).

What I have learnt from this campaign:

1.    I think that something must be not working well as the average time spent –  3 seconds – is quite low.
2.    2 of my top 3 countries were not on my target list, and only 19 visits came from one of my target countries. This means that only a 15% of the traffic was relevant to my campaign.
3.    PC is still a winner form Mobislim! : )

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“Mobile advertising for newbies” ready to download!

14 10 2008

I’m very pleased to announce that the white paper “Mobile advertising for newbies” is now ready to download at http://bango.com/whitepaper.

What’s next: "Mobile advertising for newbies" ready to download

– I’ll be posting some other ad networks and mobile advertising companies to complete the list shown in the white paper very shortly.

– I’ll post a detailed analysis of the 3 campaigns we ran for the white paper.

Watch this space as many mobile advertising experiments are coming up.

Also, I would like to encourage everybody to send me questions of anything that you would like to try but don’t know how, or have the mobile site for. Mobislim is here exactly for that, to help you understand the mobile advertising and mobile analytics marketplace.

I would like to congreatulate Peggy Anne Salz (http://msearchgroove.com/) for the fantastic job you she has done writing this white paper, and a very special thank you to Tom Thurston (http://themobiledeveloper.com/) for keeping a close eye on Mobislim site and always making things happen.


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“Mobile advertising for newbies” Mobislim protagonist of this white paper

24 09 2008

I’m very pleased to announce that Mobislim has been selected as the WAP site to test mobile ad campaigns and measure results. It’s all part of a path-breaking white paper called “Mobile advertising for newbies”, that was announced today at ad-tech in London.


"Mobile advertising for newbies" white paperPeggy Anne Salz, author of the white paper and chief analyst and publisher of www.msearchgroove.com, has chosen this site because its the only open space available to marketers for experimentation and a perfect Petri dish to test all our ideas and assumptions about mobile campaigns and analytics tools. It’s going to be an exciting exercise that doesn’t stop there. Peggy and I will continue to blog about our experiences at our sites and encourage your participation and feedback.


So I invite everyone to road test mobile advertising and to use Mobislim as a platform for this. The site is an ideal destination where anyone can learn how to run successful mobile advertising campaigns, without having to spend lots of money in advance or even developing a mobile site.


To find out more about this white paper and download you complimentary copy, please go to bango.com/whitepaper

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How I use mobile analytics to measure mobile advertising

23 09 2008

I said a few weeks ago that I was going to run a few ad campaigns to get some traffic to Mobislim and try the Bango mobile analytics tracking links. To make this experience more interesting I decided to contact Peggy Anne Salz –, an authority on mobile search and mobile advertising (who runs the blog msearchgrove.com ) and an overall really fun person to work with. She was up for the challenge and came to visit our offices here in Cambridge to set up different campaigns.

The chosen ad networks were Google, Yahoo!, Medio, JumpTap, Mojiva and Decktrade. Surprisingly enough, we were only able to use Google, Decktrade and Mojiva. To be more precise, the only company that let us start out campaign immediately after set up was Google… Peggy, who was beyond cynicism at this point, put it this way: “This is new media, new advertising and a whole new frontier and yet we are stuck here making calls and second-guessing self-service websites to get all this up and running. Go figure!”

For a full review of this experience check Peggy’s ad network review. I’m happy to announce too that Peggy will be writing a white paper about “Mobile advertising for newbies” to provide sound advice and analysis on running campaigns and measuring results. Watch this space to download it for free as it is coming very soon!

How to create a tracking link on Bango mobile analytics

How to create a tracking link on Bango mobile analytics

The first thing I did to start this experience was to get Bango tracking links so I would be able to measure all the results at once through Bango Analytics. This was an easy peasy step that took me about 5 seconds per tracking link. I just have to name the tracking link, enter the destination URL of my page and my tracking link is ready to collect.

On the other hand, it took me the whole morning to sign up to the different ad networks, transfer the money by credit card to pay for the campaigns and compose my 30 characters text banner ad that will bring me lots and lots of traffic to my site. I couldn’t help but wonder when someone will design a console to manage all my campaigns from one website with one transfer of funds to a central account that I can then distribute into my different campaigns with just one click… Does anything like this exist already? And the million dollar question, can I sign up for it online?

I have now 3 campaigns up and running with the goal of getting people to download one of the free charts about calories I have available on the landing page they get to.

My daily budget for each campaign is $5. The Google campaign started on September 18. Mojiva kicked off in the early hours of September 19. Decktrade…Well, there must be a problem because 4 days after the initial setup my campaign is not running! We’ll keep you updated it about this.

So as we speak I’m checking my Bango Analytics results and this is what has happened over the weekend. Countries targeted UK and US, data obtained to date are as follows:


54 page views

40 unique visitors

9 unique countries

18 unique operators

29 unique devices


160 page views

128 unique visitors

4 unique countries

14 unique operators

35 unique devices

Even though I was only running this campaign in US and UK with Google and in the US with Mojiva, my analytics tool has identified traffic coming from other countries. I wonder if these ad networks have their geo location right…

I’ll wait to see what happens to my Decktrade campaign and I’ll present more results but up to this moment, no one has downloaded the chart, which means 0 conversion rate.

What’s next? Maybe we should run a campaign a bit more targeted…I’ll get a specific landing page for my images and I’ll write better copy for my 30 characters message, aim for more specific keywords and adjust the channels on the ad network…hopefully more people will download my charts!

If you want to follow up this campaigns and all the traffic going to mobislim.wap.com on real time you can login into our demo account following this easy steps:

  1. Go to http://bango.com
  2. Login as demo@bango.com and password demo
  3. Click on analytics center


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