Mobile advertising with ZestADZ

15 06 2010

This blog post is part of a series in which we’ll be reviewing self-service mobile advertising networks, to give you an insight on how they work, what they offer and to save you some time when setting up your campaigns. We’ll be analyzing the results using Bango Analytics.

ZestADZ in a nutshell:

Can I set up my campaign online? Yes

How long does it take to set up? Less than 2 minutes.

Payment options: Wire transfer or PayPal

Minimum payment: $100

Bidding options: CPC and CPM


You can target By Countries and Carriers, Device manufacturers and devices and also Required capabilities. This option lets you choose platforms (J2ME MIDP 1.0, J2ME MIDP 2.0, Symbian, Windows, RIM, OSX and Linux) and properties (MP3, Video and Midi)

You can also bid by Channel and the minimum bid is $ 0.05. The channels are: Entertainment, Downloads, Sports, News and Information, Communities, Portals, Ringtones, Videos, Photos, Careers, Technology, Education, Business, Health, Games, Finance, Weather, TV and Others.

Tricky bit: The URL I used to track the campaign was too long. I had to put a shorter URL and send them an email so they could amend the URL for me to include the tracking parameters. They did that immediately, so do not hesitate to contact them if you have the same problem!

Annoying bit: If you decide to do a wire transfer, and you are a non US resident, you need to send the money to a different account from the one shown on their website. Get in contact with them because otherwise you’ll be wasting time. It took me nearly a month to get the money into my advertiser account.

Great stuff: They have good APIs for publishers to get more information about the performance of the ads. Unfortunately they don’t have any for advertisers, so it is highly recommended to use an alternative analytics tool.

Analytics provided:

Impressions, Clicks, CTR and average CPC.

What I chose:

I chose US, UK, Spain and South Africa to check what kind of inventory they have in these countries and All devices and all capabilities. For channels I chose entertainment, downloads, sports, news and Information, communities, portals, videos, photos and health and my bid was $0.33 with a total budget of $100.

My observations:

To check the campaign results I used Bango Analytics. For country targeting I got 91% US traffic, 5% Spanish traffic, 1.5% UK traffic and 0.08% South African traffic. Almost 2% of traffic came from countries that I hadn’t targeted like India, China or Tanzania.

Even though I targeted my campaign by channel and devices, I didn’t get results on ZestADZ based on these choices. Using Bango Analytics I could filter the results by devices and it showed me that 83 % of my unique visitors where using an iPhone or an iTouch. From the rest of devices there was a high percentage of smartphones. I even saw a couple of iPads!

I exported a traffic report on Bango Analytics to check the referrals to get an idea of where the ads where being displayed. But when it came to the iPhone traffic, all I could see was the Mobclix platform, which doesn’t give me any info of where the ads have been displayed. For the rest of devices I saw a good variety of mobile sites.

Data to look at to fine tune this campaign:

Analysing conversion rates

The call to action for this campaign was to download a free application, a BMI calculator. Using Bango Analytics I was able to check the conversions, by tracking how many visitors clicked on the download button. The conversion rate for this campaign was 16%, which is very good!

But after seeing the conversation rate, which in this case was very high, surely it’d be good to get more detailed data. So I used the filters in Bango Analytics and I was able to see the

Bango Analytics Unique Visitor by Hour

performance across different days, here’s what I found:

  • I filtered by Unique Visitors and saw that Friday performed much better than Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with more than 3000 unique visitors.

  • I was curious to see what caused the spike in traffic on Friday so I then filtered visitors by time of the day, and was able to see that the campaign ran for 12 hours on Friday and 3 and a half hours on Saturday and Sunday. It would be interesting to see if by running the campaign for the same amount of active hours each day, we would get the same amount of traffic

  • 18% of US traffic converted, 13.7% for and only 5% of the traffic in Spain. Maybe it is worth to put our budget on US traffic when using this ad network; even though the UK converted well the amount of traffic coming from this country wasn’t so high.

  • Regarding devices, Apple iPhone and Apple iTouch were by far the devices that downloaded the app the most. Even though the app we were advertising was not a native iPhone app, these users seemed more prone to click the download button. Interesting!

Would you like to see the result of this campaign on our demo account? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Bango Analytics platform by visiting the bango demo
  2. Go to “Analytics reports” and change the date range to start from 4th June 2010 and end date 7th of June
  3. Click on “Campaign and goals” on the left hand side and then click “Campaign parameters”
  4. Filter the report by clicking on “Create a new filter” at the top of the report and drag the “Campaign parameter” tab across. By selecting the relevant “Source” you will be able to see the results and also compare all the other mobile advertising campaigns we ran at the same time. For the ZestADZ campaign choose Zestadz_BMI
  5. To see how many people clicked on the download button, simply edit the filter you have previously set up and drag the “Page title” tab across. Select BMI Calculator DOWNLOADS and apply the filter.

We invite you to visit our demo account and check other filters and play with the different reports. If you like what you see and you would like to try Bango Analytics, sign up now for a free trial.

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Mobile search advertising with Bing

21 04 2010

This is the first of a series of post in which we’ll review mobile advertising and search networks to give you a heads up on what you are going to find when you decide to run a mobile advertising or mobile search marketing campaign. We’ll review the same points in all of them, so you can quickly get an overview on how much effort and money you have to put in.

Can I set up my campaign online? Yes

How long does it take to set up? Less than 10 minutes.

Payment options: Credit and debit cards, but not those with chip and pin security

Minimum payment: There is no minimum; it will depend on how your campaign performs

Bidding options: CPC, with either a monthly budget or a daily budget so you can adjust for heavier traffic during a promotion.


  • Day of Week
  • Hours of Day
  • Demographic : gender and age

Tricky bit: If you set up your account as English-UK or give a UK address, mobile won´t show up as an option. You need to set the account as English-United States. To be able to do a mobile campaign you need to have a PC campaign set up (even if it is just a draft) and after that you will be able to create a mobile ad for that campaign or ad group. This process is not very intuitive if you just want to create a mobile ad.

Annoying bit: When they let you know that some of your keywords have been disapproved they don´t say which ones or from which campaign, which means you have to check all your campaigns manually.

Great stuff: You can track conversions rates as long as the end user mobile phone can store cookies.

Analytics provided:

  • Classic ad network analytics with the exception of conversions as they were set up.
  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Average CTR, Spend, Average position. They offer an extensive list of reports that you can run, but they all offer the same info as I stated before, whether it’s for an ad, ad group, campaign or account level.
  • The time of the day goes in blocks of 4 to 5 hours

Would you like to see the result of this campaign on our demo account? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Bango Analytics platform by visiting the bango demo
  2. Go to “Analytics reports” and change the date range to start from 24th March 2010
  3. Click on “Campaign and goals” on the left hand side and then click “Campaign parameters”
  4. Filter the report by clicking on “Create a new filter” at the top of the report and drag the “Campaign parameter” tab across.  By selecting the relevant “Source” you will be able to see the results and also compare all the other mobile advertising campaigns we ran at the same time.  For the Bing campaign choose Bing_Adcenter_BMI and if you want to compare results with the other campaigns we ran choose one or more of the following Decktrade_BMI, Google_Adwords_BMI and Mojiva_BMI and apply filter (will add a screenshot)
  5. On the main results table, open the drop down menu and filter by source so you can see the results by ad network.

How to measure conversion rates:

The call to action for this campaign was to download a free application, a BMI calculator. You can check the conversions as Bango Analytics can track how many visitors clicked on the download button. These clicks can be linked to the campaign parameter and, as a result, you can see in just a couple of clicks how well your mobile ads performed:

  1. Simply edit the filter you have previously set up and drag the “Page title” tab across. Select BMI Calculator DOWNLOADS and apply the filter. You can see how many people downloaded the application and how successful each of the ad networks were.   From this figure you can also calculate your conversion rates.
  2. If you export this report, you can actually see the unique user id of each of the users that downloaded the application. This is very good as you can reward these users if they come back again or offer them different content based on their previous behaviour.

Feel free to check other filters and play with the different reports. If you like what you see and you would like to try Bango Analytics, sign up now for a free trial.

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New white paper by Bango “Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics” ready to download

8 10 2009

Bango has released a new white paper with the title “Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics” as part of a series of educational white papers to help people make the most of the mobile ecosystem. You can download the white paper for free at
Reading this white paper you will learn:

  • The key mobile advertising metricsIncrease-your-campaign-ROI-with-mobile-analytics
  • How to measure conversions on mobile
  • Mobile complexities affecting accuracy and ROI
  • The importance of accuracy as a foundation for success
  • Effective targeting and quick reactions to increase ROI

It also provides you with good resources and hints and tips to help you develop your mobile advertising strategy. Keep this white paper close when looking for mobile advertising networks, mobile search engines and effective tools to measure your campaigns.


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Real mobile data from a real mobile site on Bango Analytics

13 07 2009
Here you will find some hints and tips on what to look at when you
first access Bango Mobile Analytics and view the live data from
our mobile site
You can read the post or download the Bango mobile analytics – Tour

This is what we talk about:

  • Site overview
  • Site summary
  • Visitor summary
  • Latest visitor activity
  • Revenue summary
  • Countries
  • Operators
  • Devices
  • Page Tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Latest content purchases and payments report

To log in to our demo account and see all the data we talk about on the blog, simply follow this link:

Access Mobislim Bango Analytics

In this welcome screen you are invited to visit the Analytics Center. There are some extra services here for you such us service announcements, access to our knowledge base – where you can find all the answers about the Bango Service, access to the Bango forums – so you can get in contact with the Bango community and helpful articles that will help you with your data and account set up if you decide to sign up.

Once you’ve finished looking at this area you can access the Analytics Center by clicking on the Analytics tab or the button on box 1 – Analytics Center .

Bango Analytics Welcome Screen

Bango Analytics Welcome Screen

Now you are in the Analytics Center these are the first reports to view to get an understanding of what is going on with your mobile site, or in this case with

Bango Analytics Site Summary

Bango Analytics - Site Summary

Site summary: The yellow box shows all of your visitor information in relation to pages visited for the date range selected. From Unique Visitors and Visits to Average page views per day and time spent on the site. If you want extra information on how these figures are calculated, you can get it in our Support Center.

You can sort the graph by unique visitors, visits and page views.

Going down, this first table shows your Visitor Summary by day, including this time, number of Countries your visitors come from, Operators and Devices.

If you click on the Visitor Summary link you can get the specific information about Countries, Operators and Devices.

Bango Analytics Visitor Overview

Bango Analytics - Visitors overview

Coming back to the main Analytics Center area, if we scroll down we get the Latest visitor activity, which shows up to 1,000 events. We can see here the unique user ID that Bango gives to every single user so we can track unique visitors browsing within our site. When exporting this information we can do a complete follow up on the activity of our users. We can see how many Pages a unique visitor has seen, Title of the page, entry and exit point, Date and time, County, Device and Operator and the Unique ID for each visitor. If it came through any mobile advertising campaign, we can track that too. This enables you to develop a closer relationship with your visitors. Follow this link for more info about Bango Unique User ID technology.

Bango Analytics latest visitor activity

Bango Analytics - Latest visitor activity

If you are selling content, you can also see a summary of your revenue for the selected period of time, but we will get a deeper overview about this on the Charging for Content section.

Bango Analytics revenue summary on dashboard

Bango Analytics - Revenue summary on dashboard

A map of the world shows in different colours where your visitors are coming from, and if we click on the blue link we get a detailed view of the overall traffic.

Bango Analytics - Countries view on dashboard

You can also filter this information by Title, Country, Operator and Device, which will provide you with great insight about the traffic on your site and how particular markets or devices behave in certain pages of your site.

Bango Analytics - Coutries extended view

Bango Analytics - Coutries extended view

Back on the main dashboard we can also check which operators are bringing us the most traffic. This is important to make decisions on how to optimize our site for certain operator standards or which operator should be targeted when running a mobile marketing campaign.

Bango Analytics - Operators on dashboard

Bango Analytics - Operators view on dashboard

We can drill down and get a full view of the operators and filter and export this information.

Bango Analytics - Operators extended view

Bango Analytics - Operators extended view

Back on the Analytics Dashboard, we can examine the devices that are accessing our site.

Bango Analytics - Devices view on dashboard

Bango Analytics - Devices view on dashboard

We can also go deeper by clicking on the blue link and find out all the site information for each of the devices, filter this information by page title, country, operator and device, or click to check the technical information regarding a specific handset.

Bango Analytcs - Devices extended view

Bango Analytcs - Devices extended view

To see the activity by page, we look at the Page Tracking section. In this area we can see how every single page of our site is performing. On the Dashboard you get the activity by date.

Bango Analytics - Page tracking view on dashboard

Bango Analytics - Page tracking view on dashboard

Clicking on the blue link we can see how many Unique Visitors, Visits and Page Views we get in our site plus Countries, Operators and Devices. We can filter this information to get in depth data.

Bango Analytics - Page tracking extended view

Bango Analytics - Page tracking extended view

When we export this information with a traffic report, we also can see the referrer information. This information is very valuable when tracking mobile marketing campaigns as we’ll be able to prove the effectiveness of different mobile advertising campaigns, or mobile SEO efforts e.g. – we can set up different variables to track different entry points such as campaign, source, medium, content, term and owner. Check this link to find more information about mobile campaign tracking parameters. Bango assigns a unique user ID to every visitor so we can also track the behaviour of our visitors and know when they come back again.

Bango Analytics - Referrer information from mobile traffic report

Bango Analytics - Referrer information from mobile traffic report

Another way to track mobile advertising campaigns or traffic is by setting up tracking links. Let’s have a look at the Campaign section. In the dashboard, we can see the performance of these tracking links by date.

Bango Analytics - Campaign tracking links on dashboard

Bango Analytics - Campaign tracking links on dashboard

By clicking on the Campaigns blue link we get all the in depth information. For example, you can set up a tracking link for a PPC AdWords campaign or to measure the traffic of a link in your site that goes to an affiliate site. For each tracking link you can see Unique visitors, Visits, Page views, Visits by Visitor, Pages by visit, Average time on site, Country, Device and Operator.

Bango Analytics - Mobile advertising report

Bango Analytics - Mobile advertising report

If you are selling mobile content, you can see a lot of information about your sales on Bango Analytics. Let’s check our latest sales by date on the Bango Analytics dashboard.

Bango Analytics - Latest mobile content purchases on dashboard

Bango Analytics - Latest mobile content purchases on dashboard

Once again, by clicking on the blue link Latest Content purchases, we can get the whole report with the dates of the purchases, transaction ID, and content bought. The Country, Device and Operator of the buyer, plus all the values for transactions, Taxes, Net sales and Earnings. Of course, this information can be filtered to see, for example, which country is giving us more revenue, or which devices are buying more content.

Bango Analytics - Payment extended report and filtering

Bango Analytics - Payment extended report and filtering

This is just an overview of what you can see at a glance on Bango Mobile Analytics. You can drill down, filter reports and export them to share this information. You can compare goal conversion rates with the Goal comparison feature. Have a look to our site mobislim Bango Analytics package or sign up for your own Bango Analytics and start tracking your mobile site and your mobile marketing campaigns.

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How much should I pay for mobile advertising?

27 05 2009

The answer should be: as much or as little as you want. But the reality is completely different.
I have been trying for quite a while to find mobile advertising networks, or mobile social networking sites to run one of my small campaigns targeting South Africa. By small I mean $100. I know is not much money, but I would have thought that if I had money to spend, mobile advertising companies, social networks and mobile search engines would be happy to take my money and let me try out their services.  But the minimum expenditure by campaign in some of them is so high that only the big fish can swim in those waters.

Let’s be honest, everybody says that is still early days for mobile advertising…well, no kidding! There are only a number of brands that can afford and are willing to test out a new medium like mobile for the reasonable price of $10,000. I am no fool, I know that big money comes from big companies, money calls money. But what happens to the long tail of advertisers that don’t have the big bucks but still see potential in mobile advertising? In this case, you have very few options – Google, Admob, Decktrade, Mojiva or Buzzcity (that I know)…which are great ad networks, but maybe not the only ones I would like to target.

Let’s say that I’m interested in local search and I’m a local garage that wants to target people in my city only, my only choice is to go to Google as Yahoo! would cost me a minimum of $10,000(ekk).
Let’s say I want to promote my new song from my small independent band: Nokia wouldn’t let me for less than $5,000 and Itsmy – on a more reasonable range – would charge $500 (although I want to thank them again for letting me try their services with a $100 campaign). In this same range is another mobile search engine, Taptu.

So isn’t the Mobile advertising industry interested in the long tail? Thanks to mobile analytics solutions, such as Bango Analytics, we see traffic from all over the world accessing the mobile web. We see new markets using the mobile web more and more. Small businesses with small budgets have potential customers in those markets, and guess what – they all have mobile phones.
I wonder why advertising networks that have the online back end to manage mobile campaigns don’t open their networks to smaller advertisers. And those ones that haven’t got the online platform, what are they waiting for?

If you are a mobile ad network or a mobile search engine, and have a flexible pricing model, please send us your website so we can tick you as friendly small advertiser provider.  We should create a badge for these kind of companies!!!

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New! Bango mobile analytics v4 is here! Get a 30 day FREE trial on

22 04 2009

Bango has announced today the launch of Bango Analytics v4, and this is how I see the new granularity and depth of data can help all mobile marketers:

  • Now ALL visitors get a unique user ID. This gives an accurate total for unique visitors and let you drill down to see more information about each visitor, like when the first time you saw them was, or how many times have they been to your site. Why is this useful? Well, thanks to this you can check if a landing page is successful, if your navigation works well, if your message is compelling so people keep coming back to your site or if it sucks so bad, that people only comes once and leave for ever… useful, don’t you think?
  • You can now track unique visitors whether a mobile user connects via operator gateway, WiFi or home broadband – even if users change their connection, Bango still retains the ability to track them. Now everyone who interacts with a mobile website or mobile campaign has a privacy-protected, unique user ID, no matter what type of network connection they use.  So there are no mistakes in counting where your visitors come from, and how many of them you are getting, as Bango can see if the same visitor has come one time to your site via WiFi, or via WAP.
  • New advanced filtering and sorting enables precise segmentation of mobile data, so it’s quick to get to the results needed on a case by case basis.  Select to filter any report by page, country, operator, device, time or date.  This is just heaven! I can see if my smart phone visitors are the ones really buying or downloading my content, or if they are just browsing because they have unlimited browsing plans. This feature really tells me how my users interact with my site so I can go back and talk to them in their terms. It is just perfect.
  • Unlike other analytics solutions, Bango Analytics works from your original “raw” data and the new data warehouse delivers even better performance and scalability, allowing Bango to record, enrich and report more information about your visitors. This means, among many things, that your data is always available in its fullest capacity and is enriched anytime enhancements take place.

  • Bango Analytics lets you see metrics by the hour so you can understand how a mobile marketing campaign is performing in real time and make any necessary adjustments to ensure campaign success.  Thanks God somebody gets this, why would I want to look at my campaign results once the damage has been done? If something isn’t working, do you want to let it drag around until your budget is gone and your reputation ruined? I didn’t think so…another way to look at it is, imagine your campaign is targeting a particular group but looking at the results of the campaign there is a better response from a completely different public. If you can see this as it happens, wouldn’t you be amazed at how a few tweaks can make your campaign even more successful? Think how you use Google Adwords and how important this is…

  • Bango’s device reporting now lets you view your visitor’s devices by manufacturer, model and version.  Target your site or application to the most popular. Just reminding you not to sell ice to the Eskimos  😉

  • Bango Analytics records all the parameters passed on the URL.  Many marketing tools pass important information within the URL. By recording all this information, it’s all available to you for analysis.  Aha! Let’s check where our ads are really being displayed, in case you ever had any doubts…

  • Bango Analytics delivers the top 3 WAA metrics – page views, unique visitors and visits. It couldn’t be any other way.

Watch this space to see how we use all this new functionality in real mobile marketing campaigns or have a look by yourself on our analytics center where you can see real traffic and campaigns taken place.

We have a case study coming up on South African traffic and we are getting Mobislim optimize for mobile SEO, so there is quite a lot coming up!

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iPhone: Not a top 20 handset for browsing and buying on the mobile web

1 04 2009

If you are thinking in focusing your mobile advertising just on the iPhone, keep reading!
Just in case, this is not an April Fool’s joke 🙂

According to statistics released on Monday by Bango, when it comes to the most popular phones for browsing and buying content on the mobile web worldwide, the iPhone sits outside the top 20. The Bango Top 20 handset list, based on Bango’s February statistics, puts the Nokia 3110c on top, followed by the Samsung M800 in 2nd and the Nokia 6300 in 3rd. The iPhone appears at 24th on the list.
This data represents the activities of major brands and businesses as their consumers browse to mobile websites (measured by Bango Analytics) and buy mobile content and services (as measured by Bango Payment).
The stats come from the month of February when 1.1 million unique visitors browsed to mobile websites as monitored by Bango’s Analytics service (customers include the Financial Times and MTV) and bought mobile content and services using Bango’s Payment service (customers include Thumbplay, Buongiorno, Gameloft, EA Games).
This sample size is certainly considerably larger than trials carried out by comScore and others. With global penetration of the iPhone at 1% according to Gartner, brands need to look beyond the iPhone to reach the mass market.

Let’s have a look at our site and check the footprint that iPhones left on our Bango Analytics center:
January 0,44% of the devices that access our mobile site where iPhones, from a total of 614 devices and 25,040 page views.
February saw a 1.32% of iPhones from 313 devices and 5,738 pageviews (you can tell we didn’t run any campaigns…)
And March shows another increase with 1,41% of iPhones from 331 devices and 6,303 page views.

Check this out by yourself in our analytics center!

Putting this into context, as you probably know the iPhone browses “normal” site content but it doesn’t handle Flash, and you can’t follow links that lead to the download of content or files.   It can also be a pretty painful experience for large, complex sites – compare with and you get the picture.

For that reason, many sites are producing specially adapted sites for the iPhone. Look at how much better is than – in fact even Apple has an iPhone specific version of parts of  So, we are seeing more and more businesses detecting the mobile Safari on their PC website and pushing them to the iPhone adapted site.
Personally, I have an iPhone and like many of my friends I think it’s really fun to use.  So what do think?  Does this make you re-appraise your mobile advertising plans?

If you want more analysis on this story read Ray Anderson’s post on