Measure mobile campaign conversions in a couple of clicks

5 03 2010

At the end of January I was interested to see that Bango reported 83% of brands don’t use mobile specific analytics tools, leading to inaccurate data on campaign performance. But even more surprising, 27% of brands don’t measure at all! I know it would make life easier if you didn’t have to report on the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns, but surely real marketers would like to know?

Not wanting to know conversion rates or what to do to improve them seems a bit crazy to me?! The good news is it’s actually quite easy to accurately measure your mobile campaign conversions and best of all you can see the results a in couple of clicks.

So, how do you do it? The easiest and most accurate way I’ve found is to use Bango Analytics. If you already have a Bango Analytics account, log in (or sign up for a trial account) and follow these easy steps:

1. Pass the relevant campaign parameters on your destination URL when setting up your mobile marketing campaigns.

2. Add page tracking code to the relevant pages you want to track within your mobile site.

3. Once the campaign is running, go to your Bango Analytics account and choose the Campaign parameter report and filter by the relevant Campaign parameters and Page title where the conversion happens. Voila! You can now see the number of conversions attributed to your campaigns.

Let’s go through a real example:

I set up a mobile campaign with the goal of getting visitors opted-in to receive my SMS updates and wanted to measure the number of conversions from each campaign.

To start with I ran two different mobile advertising campaigns, both pointing to the same landing page. When I set up the mobile ads I passed the relevant campaign parameters so I could identify which ad my visitors came from (Mobile Ad 1 or Mobile Ad 2).

Opt-in SMS updates campaign

To measure the number of conversions I had to find out how many unique visitors submitted their phone number and therefore landed on the Thank you! page (only visitors who opted-in would reach this page). To capture this information I put a line of page tracking code on the Thank you! page.

To view the results I went to the Campaign parameter report in my Bango Analytics account and filtered by Campaign parameters “Mobile Ad 1” and “Mobile Ad 2” and Page title “Thank you page” and that was it! I could see in a couple of clicks the number of conversions from each mobile ad campaign in real-time!

I could even calculate the conversion rates as Bango Analytics had recorded the total number of unique visitors from each ad campaign.


Nearly ready to go live…

20 05 2008

Mobislim Diets Sample Page

We just received the first screen shots from our site developer.  They are looking very cool.  We hope to point our friends at the site soon.

Bango B.



Content on its way

16 05 2008

We just sent our first upload of content to our site builder.

We decided to make a simple skeleton with a few pages to start with – only 3 premium images and a few diets, and see what they come back with.

They tell us that a version should be live early next week.


The Mobislim Project Launches

13 05 2008

Hi, I’m Bango Bunter, one of the founders of the mobislim site. 

I have two goals for Mobislim:

  1. To bring health and happiness to the world through fitness and slimness
  2. To share with other webmasters my progress in building and developing a mobile website, which will include hints and tips, downloads, premium content, calls to action, and personalization as it develops.

Bango will be providing the site with Analytics and Payment services (see for free, in the guise of a Bango Payment World package, on condition that the MOBISLIM webmasters share with other Bango customers and Free Triallers exactly how I’m building my site, and let anybody spectate on my traffic.

I will comission a site builder to build my site, and I’ll keep you up to speed on progress in the coming days.  Meanwhile, I am preparing my plans for generating traffic from mobile search,, bango buttons, advertising channels and much more.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.