Mobile advertising with ZestADZ

15 06 2010

This blog post is part of a series in which we’ll be reviewing self-service mobile advertising networks, to give you an insight on how they work, what they offer and to save you some time when setting up your campaigns. We’ll be analyzing the results using Bango Analytics.

ZestADZ in a nutshell:

Can I set up my campaign online? Yes

How long does it take to set up? Less than 2 minutes.

Payment options: Wire transfer or PayPal

Minimum payment: $100

Bidding options: CPC and CPM


You can target By Countries and Carriers, Device manufacturers and devices and also Required capabilities. This option lets you choose platforms (J2ME MIDP 1.0, J2ME MIDP 2.0, Symbian, Windows, RIM, OSX and Linux) and properties (MP3, Video and Midi)

You can also bid by Channel and the minimum bid is $ 0.05. The channels are: Entertainment, Downloads, Sports, News and Information, Communities, Portals, Ringtones, Videos, Photos, Careers, Technology, Education, Business, Health, Games, Finance, Weather, TV and Others.

Tricky bit: The URL I used to track the campaign was too long. I had to put a shorter URL and send them an email so they could amend the URL for me to include the tracking parameters. They did that immediately, so do not hesitate to contact them if you have the same problem!

Annoying bit: If you decide to do a wire transfer, and you are a non US resident, you need to send the money to a different account from the one shown on their website. Get in contact with them because otherwise you’ll be wasting time. It took me nearly a month to get the money into my advertiser account.

Great stuff: They have good APIs for publishers to get more information about the performance of the ads. Unfortunately they don’t have any for advertisers, so it is highly recommended to use an alternative analytics tool.

Analytics provided:

Impressions, Clicks, CTR and average CPC.

What I chose:

I chose US, UK, Spain and South Africa to check what kind of inventory they have in these countries and All devices and all capabilities. For channels I chose entertainment, downloads, sports, news and Information, communities, portals, videos, photos and health and my bid was $0.33 with a total budget of $100.

My observations:

To check the campaign results I used Bango Analytics. For country targeting I got 91% US traffic, 5% Spanish traffic, 1.5% UK traffic and 0.08% South African traffic. Almost 2% of traffic came from countries that I hadn’t targeted like India, China or Tanzania.

Even though I targeted my campaign by channel and devices, I didn’t get results on ZestADZ based on these choices. Using Bango Analytics I could filter the results by devices and it showed me that 83 % of my unique visitors where using an iPhone or an iTouch. From the rest of devices there was a high percentage of smartphones. I even saw a couple of iPads!

I exported a traffic report on Bango Analytics to check the referrals to get an idea of where the ads where being displayed. But when it came to the iPhone traffic, all I could see was the Mobclix platform, which doesn’t give me any info of where the ads have been displayed. For the rest of devices I saw a good variety of mobile sites.

Data to look at to fine tune this campaign:

Analysing conversion rates

The call to action for this campaign was to download a free application, a BMI calculator. Using Bango Analytics I was able to check the conversions, by tracking how many visitors clicked on the download button. The conversion rate for this campaign was 16%, which is very good!

But after seeing the conversation rate, which in this case was very high, surely it’d be good to get more detailed data. So I used the filters in Bango Analytics and I was able to see the

Bango Analytics Unique Visitor by Hour

performance across different days, here’s what I found:

  • I filtered by Unique Visitors and saw that Friday performed much better than Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with more than 3000 unique visitors.

  • I was curious to see what caused the spike in traffic on Friday so I then filtered visitors by time of the day, and was able to see that the campaign ran for 12 hours on Friday and 3 and a half hours on Saturday and Sunday. It would be interesting to see if by running the campaign for the same amount of active hours each day, we would get the same amount of traffic

  • 18% of US traffic converted, 13.7% for and only 5% of the traffic in Spain. Maybe it is worth to put our budget on US traffic when using this ad network; even though the UK converted well the amount of traffic coming from this country wasn’t so high.

  • Regarding devices, Apple iPhone and Apple iTouch were by far the devices that downloaded the app the most. Even though the app we were advertising was not a native iPhone app, these users seemed more prone to click the download button. Interesting!

Would you like to see the result of this campaign on our demo account? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Bango Analytics platform by visiting the bango demo
  2. Go to “Analytics reports” and change the date range to start from 4th June 2010 and end date 7th of June
  3. Click on “Campaign and goals” on the left hand side and then click “Campaign parameters”
  4. Filter the report by clicking on “Create a new filter” at the top of the report and drag the “Campaign parameter” tab across. By selecting the relevant “Source” you will be able to see the results and also compare all the other mobile advertising campaigns we ran at the same time. For the ZestADZ campaign choose Zestadz_BMI
  5. To see how many people clicked on the download button, simply edit the filter you have previously set up and drag the “Page title” tab across. Select BMI Calculator DOWNLOADS and apply the filter.

We invite you to visit our demo account and check other filters and play with the different reports. If you like what you see and you would like to try Bango Analytics, sign up now for a free trial.

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How I use mobile analytics to measure mobile advertising II Part

3 10 2008

I said last week in my post ”How I use mobile analytics to measure mobile advertising” that I would report back the results of the campaign I run on Decktrade. As the Decktrade campaign didn’t start running at the same time as the Google and Mojiva campaigns, I decided to keep these two running, so I would obtain results based on the same dates.

For $5 daily budget, campaigns running from the 22nd to the 26th of September and using
Bango mobile analytics to measure results,  the results are:




293 page views

228 unique visitors

27 unique countries

46 unique operators

107 unique devices

117 page views

85 unique visitors

13 unique countries

27 unique operators

44 unique devices

75 page views

63 unique visitors

3 unique countries

11 unique operators

28 unique devices

Looking at the page views and unique visitor results, what I see is that Decktrade gives me a considerable higher number of repeat visitors, and a higher number of clicks on my ad. This makes me  think they have a much bigger network than Mojiva, which reports a quarter of those clicks for the same amount of money. Google’s results are more difficult to judge because they do depend on my selected keywords, and rather than general browsing on the mobile web, they reflect the amount of people actively searching for my selected keywords. Overall it’s great news for mobile marketers because it proves that people are searching on the mobile web.

Now, let’s have a look at the conversion rates: the objective of this campaign was to download a free chart. Let’s see what we got:

Bango mobile analytics goal comparison feature

Bango mobile analytics goal comparison feature

Overall I’m VERY happy to see an average conversion rate of 35.05%. Decktrade performed very well with a 38.57%, Mojiva 24% and Google 33.33%. Now, the real point of this is to check those conversions* against the money I spent on the campaigns. I have added those figures in pink. And who is my winning campaign on this occasion? That would be Google, because even though the conversion rate wasn’t the best of the 3 it turns out that I only paid $10 for those conversions, and $25 for the others.
Does this mean that Google is better than Decktrade or Mojiva? Absolutely not! The only thing that tells me is that when people initiate a conversation they are more proactive in engaging with your brand because your ad is relevant to the purpose of their search.

Relevancy = Success and better ROI.  When planning your next campaign think twice when choosing the categories you want to put your ad on and get a mobile analytics tool that gives you an X-ray of your visitors and your conversions.  This means you know how to talk to your potential customers the next time you get the chance to engage with them.

*I said last week that I didn’t have any conversions, and in fact I did, Bango analytics wasn’t synchronizing the info properly, but that is fixed now and I was able to go back and capture that data….and I’m so happy about it! 35% average conversion rate!!!

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