Weight Watchers slimmed down their potential market to just 9%, Bango mobile analytics reports

25 11 2008

weightwatchers_blackberry3I have been looking for some nice content that I could publish in Mobislim to make my  upcoming mobile marketing campaigns more interesting, and I stumbled upon the weightwatchers’ mobile site.  This is for weight watchers subscribers, which happens to work only on Blackberries, Windows Mobiles and iPhones. You need a login and password, so I couldn’t see what was behind that first login screen.

A mobile site or mobile application that only works for these 3 types of mobile devices makes me put my mobile analytics hat and check what percentage of traffic is actually coming from these handsets. So I went to my Bango mobile analytics centre and exported a traffic report of the last three months of activity in Mobislim. I think this is an appropriate comparison as the Weight Watchers visitors are likely to be similar to the Mobislim visitors as they’d have the same interests in common.

From 18,526 page views 4,05% came from a Blackberry device, 3,54% from a Windows Mobile and 1,48% from an iPhone. That’s 9% in total.

I imagine that there is a reason why weight watchers chose only these 3 handsets and decided to leave aside a 91% of potential users. I wonder whether it’s worth while for them to do it this way…

On the other hand, if you are not a weight watcher customer you don’t have access to the site. I typed weight watcher into Google on my mobile (which is normal Nokia by  the way) and I got to http://weitchwatchers.co.uk, the same site that visitors get to from a PC but on my mobile. Even though it works quite well, they are not really adapting the content for mobile users. I wonder if they track how many people goes to the PC site from their mobiles and if they have any more plans for mobile and for more types of handsets too!

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