Experimenting with Mobile SEO

19 11 2008

Chances are that if you are interested in understanding how to run successful mobile advertising campaigns, you’ll also want to know how to get your mobile site found in search engines. This is no mean feat but we want to share our experiences for the benefit of all.

We are going to start off by adding a Google site map to Mobislim and submitting the sitemap to Google. We will compare where we appear on Google mobile search before and after adding the sitemap to see if it makes any difference. I guess we can add some meta tags in as well just to see if they make any difference.

As with most SEO I should imagine that incoming links will probably be the biggest help. Maybe we can get some links added to mobislim from some sites on wap.com. As soon as we get some interesting results, we’ll make sure to share them with you.

Curious to find out more? There are various moves afoot to improve mobile SEO, one of which involves getting the major search engines to support a meta.txt file. For more on this, read Mobile SEO gets a fix from Visibility Mobile.