Measure mobile campaign conversions in a couple of clicks

5 03 2010

At the end of January I was interested to see that Bango reported 83% of brands don’t use mobile specific analytics tools, leading to inaccurate data on campaign performance. But even more surprising, 27% of brands don’t measure at all! I know it would make life easier if you didn’t have to report on the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns, but surely real marketers would like to know?

Not wanting to know conversion rates or what to do to improve them seems a bit crazy to me?! The good news is it’s actually quite easy to accurately measure your mobile campaign conversions and best of all you can see the results a in couple of clicks.

So, how do you do it? The easiest and most accurate way I’ve found is to use Bango Analytics. If you already have a Bango Analytics account, log in (or sign up for a trial account) and follow these easy steps:

1. Pass the relevant campaign parameters on your destination URL when setting up your mobile marketing campaigns.

2. Add page tracking code to the relevant pages you want to track within your mobile site.

3. Once the campaign is running, go to your Bango Analytics account and choose the Campaign parameter report and filter by the relevant Campaign parameters and Page title where the conversion happens. Voila! You can now see the number of conversions attributed to your campaigns.

Let’s go through a real example:

I set up a mobile campaign with the goal of getting visitors opted-in to receive my SMS updates and wanted to measure the number of conversions from each campaign.

To start with I ran two different mobile advertising campaigns, both pointing to the same landing page. When I set up the mobile ads I passed the relevant campaign parameters so I could identify which ad my visitors came from (Mobile Ad 1 or Mobile Ad 2).

Opt-in SMS updates campaign

To measure the number of conversions I had to find out how many unique visitors submitted their phone number and therefore landed on the Thank you! page (only visitors who opted-in would reach this page). To capture this information I put a line of page tracking code on the Thank you! page.

To view the results I went to the Campaign parameter report in my Bango Analytics account and filtered by Campaign parameters “Mobile Ad 1” and “Mobile Ad 2” and Page title “Thank you page” and that was it! I could see in a couple of clicks the number of conversions from each mobile ad campaign in real-time!

I could even calculate the conversion rates as Bango Analytics had recorded the total number of unique visitors from each ad campaign.


Accurate info on your Google Mobile AdWords campaigns

14 10 2009

Last week, I started running a Google AdWords campaign using the Bango parameters for mobile campaign tracking. I set up two different text ads, each one with a different keyword group so I could analyse which ad was being served more times and therefore which keywords are more effective. Here are the two different urls I used (note different values for the parameters). I also targeted Google content network with these ads.


My ultimate goal was to understand the behaviour of the users that come to my site via specific keywords. While AdWords reports are quite thorough on keyword performance they don’t show me the behaviour of the individual users. With Bango, every visitor gets a unique user ID that shows me exactly this; the behaviour of every single user when they arrive to my site. The parameters I specified are linked to this unique user ID and are passed on as the user navigates my site. Here is an example:

The visitor with the User ID 470841589 got to the site homepage at 6:02 via Google Mobile with the keyword “lose+weight”. This user comes from the United States, via Sprint and is using a LG LX265 handset. From the home page we can see that he or she visited different pages of our site and we can actually see the exact time he spent on each page.

Bango campaign parameters with Google Adwords campaign

The search term “lose+weight” triggered our “fun slimming tips” ad, (named in the spreadsheet as this “short_ad”), which is using the specific keyword group “adword_mobislim” and whose campaign owner is “sanchez”.

Bango campaign parameters with Google Adword campaign

If the ad had been placed in any of the content network sites, the referrer information would also have been recorded.

Being able to see this granularity of how our visitors behave on our site gives us invaluable information about their interest, the trends that they follow and how to optimize the site using keywords, geo-information, time of the day and handsets. The Bango campaign parameters can be used to drill down to specific keywords, as we can define a different url for different keyword groups. You can use these parameters to attribute monetary value or to measure the performance of different landing pages. You have 6 different variables that you can use whichever way you like!

Find out more about why Bango can accurately identify users or learn more on how to best use the Bango campaign parameters.

If you would like to check the performance of this campaign by yourself, just follow these easy steps:

    Log in to our Bango analytics demo account

    Change the dates to 24th to the 29th of September

    Export a traffic report

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AdMob and Admoda, which ad network converts better?

18 12 2008
Landing page for the campaign

Landing page for the campaign

I just run two parallel mobile advertising campaigns, one with AdMob for $100, as it is their minimum daily budget, and another one with Admoda for £50. The message was: FREE downloads to stay SLIM! – as you can see below, it was quite successful ;-). Target countries were the US and UK (although both ad networks sent me traffic from many more countries that the ones I wanted to target…)

The landing page contained 3 different tables ready to download to your mobile:
– Calories by drink
– Negative calorie foods
– Calories burnt by activity

Aren’t you curious to know which one was the most popular download? Let’s have a look at the results tracked by Bango mobile analytics!

Here is a quick summary:

Admob results by Bango Analytics

Admob results by Bango Analytics

Admoda results by Bango Analytics

Admoda results by Bango Analytics

Now let’s have a look to the conversion rates with the goal comparison feature, which tell us from each campaign, how many people downloaded any of the calorie charts.

And the winner is….

Alcohol calories chart conversion rate

Alcohol calories chart conversion rate

Calories by activity chart conversion rate

Calories by activity chart conversion rate

Negative calorie food chart conversion rate

Negative calorie food chart conversion rate

So, AdMob total conversion rate was an average of 16.88% and Admoda reported a 25.26% conversion rate. These are quite high conversion rates, but I guess that making the content available for free and with the Xmas “fattening” season so close, people are a bit more conscious about these things!

If your curiosity knows no limits and you would like to see which countries are downloading which charts, and what devices or operators are more popular, go and check the results on our demo account. The tracking links you want to look at in the Campaign section of Bango Analytics are:
– Admob Xmas
– Admoda Xmas

Merry Xmas and happy mobile browsing for 2009!


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“Mobile advertising for newbies” campaign results in Bango Mobile Analytics

21 10 2008

Here are the results of the campaigns that Peggy and I ran for the white paper “Mobile advertising for newbies”. This results were collected in Bango mobile analytics.

The budget was $15 (£10), they ran for 3 days and the creative was the same for all three campaigns.

As it is explained in the white paper, the results from Bango mobile analytics come from a tracking link that we created in the Analytics center, and the results from AdMob analytics come from a query string added to the destination url.

This means we were running 6 campaigns.
So let’s have a look to the data we got through Bango after 3 days of campaign:

Decktrade Google Mojiva

270 page views

184 unique visitors

6 unique countries

21 unique operators

62 unique devices

18 page views

17 unique visitors

3 unique countries

11 unique operators

13 unique devices

81 page views

72 unique visitors

4 unique countries

12 unique operators

33 unique devices

Looking at Decktrade it seems that the most active day – with more page views (106) and unique visitors

Decktrade campaign unique visitors in Bango mobile analytics

Decktrade campaign unique visitors in Bango mobile analytics

(78) – was Wednesday, the first day of campaign. If we look at the countries, the majority of my traffic comes from US (39.26%) with only 1.85% of traffic coming from the UK. Both were the target countries. Some traffic came from countries I didn’t target and  as Peggy says in the white paper, it is great to see that mobile traffic is coming from everywhere  but I wonder how this would affect large scale campaigns. In our case, the proportion of traffic coming from non-target countries ((India, Indonesia and Nigeria) was only 4%.

A fair percentage of countries is unidentified (55%), so I go and check the device data. I can see that there is quite a lot of traffic coming from PC browsers, which closely matches the percentage of countries unidentified. So here we go, PC traffic doesn’t offer me operator info (because there isn’t one involved) or country data as accurately as mobile traffic because the way PC browsers and cookies work on the PC world…
Let’s see which was the most popular mobile device, and surprise, surprise that was the Apple iPhone, followed by the Nokia 6300 and the SonyEricsson P1i. The most popular operator was AOL USA, bringing 24% of the traffic.

Here are my thoughts after checking these results:

1. If half of my traffic is coming from a PC maybe I should think in creating a PC web version of Mobislim :).
2. Decktrade gives me great results in the US market but seems less effective in the UK.
3. When people access the site from a mobile phone, I can really tell where they come from, through which operator, if I have seen then before and if they converted.

Now let’s see what we learn from out Google campaign: The first thing I notice is how much smaller the

Most popular devices from the Google campaign

Most popular devices from the Google campaign

numbers are. Taking into consideration that Bango counts every single unique visitor that comes through, 17 in 3 days doesn’t seem such a big deal. But again, this is early days for everybody, maybe my selection of keywords wasn’t so great or people are actually burning calories instead of looking for ways to burn them :).
Friday is the day for search, 47% of the unique visitors came this day, 29% of Thursday, and 23% on Wednesday. Take this into consideration when planning your campaigns, when is your public more likely to be searching for you? Put the big bucks on that time frame…

With the target countries there is no problem this time; 83% of the traffic comes from the US and 11% from the UK. Is the US more active in the mobile search arena or simply more worried about burning calories? I leave that one up to you! We saw more traffic coming from Cricket USA, followed by Verizon USA and T-Mobile, and for the most popular handset we have an even mixture between Blackberries, Motorolas and Samsungs.

Things to think about for my next search campaigns:
1. Time of the week people will look for my content
2. Make a better and wider selection of keywords and maybe spare a few more pennies on my bids so I get to show up first

And last but not less, is time now to look at the results on the Mojiva campaign. As Peggy mention in the

Top operators from the Mojiva campaign

Top operators from the Mojiva campaign

with paper, this campaign didn’t run on the same days as Google and Decktrade, so I’m taking the result from a previous campaign, that ran from the 26th to the 28th of September, with exactly the same budget and the same creative. It is going to be interesting to see if the results over the weekend change much in comparison with the same campaign run in weekday with AdMob. Let’s focus now in Bango results.

Unique visitors were almost the same on Friday (32) and Sunday (30) and a third on Saturday (10). The most popular operator was Metro PCS USA with 27% of the traffic but again, PC traffic seems to be quite significant (31%)  Our top devices here are Samsung R210 and Motorola GATW. 51% of the traffic came from the US, 10% of the traffic from countries I didn’t target (India and Iraq) and the rest is the PC traffic I mention before.

My take: This ad network works well for the US, but the extra pennies I had to pay to target the UK haven’t brought me any ROI. I’ll follow progress with them to see when the increase their inventory in the UK.

If you want to have a look yourself and get you own conclusions of these campaigns you can visit our Analytics Center, just follow this simple instructions:

1.    Go to
2.    Login as and password demo
3.    Click on Analytics center

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