Mobile search advertising with Bing

21 04 2010

This is the first of a series of post in which we’ll review mobile advertising and search networks to give you a heads up on what you are going to find when you decide to run a mobile advertising or mobile search marketing campaign. We’ll review the same points in all of them, so you can quickly get an overview on how much effort and money you have to put in.

Can I set up my campaign online? Yes

How long does it take to set up? Less than 10 minutes.

Payment options: Credit and debit cards, but not those with chip and pin security

Minimum payment: There is no minimum; it will depend on how your campaign performs

Bidding options: CPC, with either a monthly budget or a daily budget so you can adjust for heavier traffic during a promotion.


  • Day of Week
  • Hours of Day
  • Demographic : gender and age

Tricky bit: If you set up your account as English-UK or give a UK address, mobile won´t show up as an option. You need to set the account as English-United States. To be able to do a mobile campaign you need to have a PC campaign set up (even if it is just a draft) and after that you will be able to create a mobile ad for that campaign or ad group. This process is not very intuitive if you just want to create a mobile ad.

Annoying bit: When they let you know that some of your keywords have been disapproved they don´t say which ones or from which campaign, which means you have to check all your campaigns manually.

Great stuff: You can track conversions rates as long as the end user mobile phone can store cookies.

Analytics provided:

  • Classic ad network analytics with the exception of conversions as they were set up.
  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Average CTR, Spend, Average position. They offer an extensive list of reports that you can run, but they all offer the same info as I stated before, whether it’s for an ad, ad group, campaign or account level.
  • The time of the day goes in blocks of 4 to 5 hours

Would you like to see the result of this campaign on our demo account? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Bango Analytics platform by visiting the bango demo
  2. Go to “Analytics reports” and change the date range to start from 24th March 2010
  3. Click on “Campaign and goals” on the left hand side and then click “Campaign parameters”
  4. Filter the report by clicking on “Create a new filter” at the top of the report and drag the “Campaign parameter” tab across.  By selecting the relevant “Source” you will be able to see the results and also compare all the other mobile advertising campaigns we ran at the same time.  For the Bing campaign choose Bing_Adcenter_BMI and if you want to compare results with the other campaigns we ran choose one or more of the following Decktrade_BMI, Google_Adwords_BMI and Mojiva_BMI and apply filter (will add a screenshot)
  5. On the main results table, open the drop down menu and filter by source so you can see the results by ad network.

How to measure conversion rates:

The call to action for this campaign was to download a free application, a BMI calculator. You can check the conversions as Bango Analytics can track how many visitors clicked on the download button. These clicks can be linked to the campaign parameter and, as a result, you can see in just a couple of clicks how well your mobile ads performed:

  1. Simply edit the filter you have previously set up and drag the “Page title” tab across. Select BMI Calculator DOWNLOADS and apply the filter. You can see how many people downloaded the application and how successful each of the ad networks were.   From this figure you can also calculate your conversion rates.
  2. If you export this report, you can actually see the unique user id of each of the users that downloaded the application. This is very good as you can reward these users if they come back again or offer them different content based on their previous behaviour.

Feel free to check other filters and play with the different reports. If you like what you see and you would like to try Bango Analytics, sign up now for a free trial.

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