Let me introduce you to your mobile visitors – the ones that your website analytics tool can’t see

12 03 2009

Imagine you go to an expensive restaurant, wanting to impress maybe a new date or your in-laws, and you are waiting for the maître d’ who will guide you to your favourite table, the one you sat at last time you were there. Then, the sommelier comes to recommend a bottle of wine that he thinks you would appreciate, based on what he knows about your taste…a lovely evening full of joy could start right now.  But instead, YOU ARE INVISABLE. You want to have dinner in this restaurant but nobody can see you! YOU DON’T EXIST. No matter how much money you are willing to spend NOBODY WOULD TALK TO YOU.
This is exactly what happens to those visitors that come to your website from a mobile device; your web analytics tool can’t simply see them.
Believe me, you have a queue of people waiting to interact with your brand through your website, but you can’t see them because your regular web analytics tool, doesn’t count this traffic.
Why’s this?
Basic website analytics tools rely on JavaScript tags for data collection or cookies so the analytics tool can recognize when users return, but unfortunately these don’t work reliably on mobile phones.
Watch this video and find out how Bango Mobile Analytics can count this traffic and uniquely identify every single visitor.

It is your lucky day! Now you can easily find out who these mobile visitors are, which handsets, networks, countries and languages matter most to your business and recognize repeat visitors when they come back again. Maybe you thought you didn’t need to think about your mobile strategy? Well, make sure you have all the information you need before making any decisions!
It’s important all of your visitors feel welcome on your website, they are the ones that keep your business running! And now, are you ready for dessert sir? Find out more on bango.com/mobiletracking

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