News from mobislim and mobile analytics!

31 07 2008

Hi, this is Maria Bunter!

Let me introduce myself by saying that I’ll be taking care of the mobile marketing initiatives on mobislim.

I just wanted to say hi to everybody following this project and share with you what is coming up!

I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be going live with the site very shortly and I’ll be running some mobile ads to get traffic to the site. I was thinking in trying out 4th Screen Advertising, Admob, Amobee, Adstar, Ads Handy and Mojiva to star with. If anybody has anymore suggestions I’ll be happy to try them!

Watch this space for our upcoming launch and get ready to experiment with us and mobislim.

I look forward to hear your suggestions and feedback on everything going on with mobislim and I definitely encourage everybody to use this space as a brainstorm arena, experience sharing room, a place for consultation or any other issue related to mobile analytics that doesn’t let you sleep…whatever works for you!

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