About Mobislim

Mobislim is a realistic imitation of a typical small scale mobile website.

It has been created and managed by Bango (www.bango.com) to provide a real-life example of how to build, manage, monetize and optimize a presence on the mobile web.

A variety of staff at Bango and in Bango partners manage the site, in as ordinary a way as possible.  We are using a standard site builder partner, standard Bango products and we will be obeying all the standard rules and using no special things!

Bango is operating this site in a “fly on the wall documentary” mode. Anybody will be able to log in to our demo account to see the traffic and revenues generated in Mobislim.

Anybody can comment on progress through the mobislim Blog.

Mobislim intends to integrate non-Bango products such as alternative payment methods, analytics and other stuff.  We will sell advertising space, buy advertising and search traffic and generally behave as a normal mobile site would.  We will even reveal our earnings!

It the site turns a profit, which is one of its goals, we will donate all profits to a suitable charity – but as thats some time off we will decide that later.

To help make the site more realistic, we have created five fictional characters who will take up key roles in Mobislim site:

Bango Bunter – The CEO of Mobislim and overall webmaster of the site
Maria Bunter – The search marketing and analytical expert who drives customers to the site
Glenn Bunter – A developer who works with the site builder and guides technical stuff
Anil Bunter – A dietary expert who provides content for the site
Peter Bunter – The finance wizzard who counts the money and looks at the bottom line


While Bango intends to make this site as realistic as possible, bear in mind that the slimming advice and health tips on the site are purely for demonstration purposes.  The authors, Bango and all our contributors make no clames express or implied that following the guidance in Mobislim sites will make you rich, fit, smart, healthy, slim, attractive to the opposite sex or whatever.

To complain about mobislim please contact support@bango.com


2 responses

7 11 2008
Westley Mason

I am currently rewriting my business plan to enter the world of mobile content and mobile marketing / advertising. I have found this website and Bango references absolute ‘gold’ in this task. Thank you guys for being so open and informative.

Regards Westley Mason

13 03 2010
msearchgroove » Blog Archive » Measure mobile campaign conversions in a couple of clicks

[…] In recognition of the increasing importance of permission advertising and getting people to opt-in to campaigns (as a means to really measure conversions) Maria Sanchez provides us some helpful tips to get the most (accurary) out of our mobile campaigns using her Mobislim mobile website. More about her Mobislim blog and campaign road tests here. […]

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