Device analysis and call to actions

21 05 2010

The arrival of the iPad to the market has brought new marketing opportunities and new discussions around whether it should be consider a mobile device or not. Whichever way we go, we should really consider the proliferation of different devices such as Netbooks, Kindles, iPads and alike. They are becoming more popular and they are connected to the internet either via WiFi or 3G. Bear in mind that even though these devices are portable and internet connected, they are not communication devices.

But whether they are mobile or communication devices is not the only factor to consider when planning your marketing strategy. Most importantly, you should be considering if these devices are in fact relevant to your business, think about how you are going to adapt you messages and call to actions to these devices. And you can only do do this by analyzing the traffic to your site.

iPad scottevest

Scottevest's big pocket for big gadgets

  • Click-to-call won’t work
  • Voucher redemption won’t be ideal, they are portable devices but they won’t fit in the pocket of your jeans!
  • Video ads will become the holy grail, so think how you can make them different and how to get your users involved in the video experience.

My colleague Andy Bovingdon has published a very interesting blog post  The iPad…so is it mobile? in which he analyzes whether we should consider this device as a mobile device, and gives us some figures on the size of the Netbooks market.

Another recommended reading by the same author but from a more strategic point of view can be found on mSearchGrove blog Should iPad Be High On Your Radar? Or Low On The List?

I hope you enjoy these readings and get a better understanding of how crucial is to accurately identify what devices are important for your product or service proposition, and how to adapt your strategy.

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