The Mobislim Project Launches

13 05 2008

Hi, I’m Bango Bunter, one of the founders of the mobislim site. 

I have two goals for Mobislim:

  1. To bring health and happiness to the world through fitness and slimness
  2. To share with other webmasters my progress in building and developing a mobile website, which will include hints and tips, downloads, premium content, calls to action, and personalization as it develops.

Bango will be providing the site with Analytics and Payment services (see for free, in the guise of a Bango Payment World package, on condition that the MOBISLIM webmasters share with other Bango customers and Free Triallers exactly how I’m building my site, and let anybody spectate on my traffic.

I will comission a site builder to build my site, and I’ll keep you up to speed on progress in the coming days.  Meanwhile, I am preparing my plans for generating traffic from mobile search,, bango buttons, advertising channels and much more.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.