Would you like a piece of the BlackBerry pie?

8 09 2009

We have been talking lately about the increase of smartphones accessing the internet via Wifi connections, how iPhone is gaining positions on our device ranking and today Bango published a free whitepaper Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie, to help us understand and overcome the challenges of how can we accurately identify BlackBerry users for tracking, CRM and marketing campaign purposes; and also how is it possible to enable these customers to make transactional payments on their mobile phone bill, just like any other phone.

Smartphones have become the standard handset of choice in the mobile phone market – even during global recession the growth in smartphoneBlackberry WP banner sales continues to soar. Gartner reported a global smartphone sales growth of 27% year-on-year in Q2 2009 compared to a 6% drop in cell phone sales during the same period. And the numbers in the USA were even more dramatic during the second quarter. The research firm NPD Group reported US smartphone sales grew by 47% and accounted for 28% of all handset sales.

Get your copy of the white paper and find out:

•Why BlackBerry has become a popular consumer device

• How BlackBerry users consume data services

• The challenge of capturing identity and delivering payment to Blackberry users

• Optimizing your mobile services to overcome these challenges

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“Mobile advertising for newbies” Mobislim protagonist of this white paper

24 09 2008

I’m very pleased to announce that Mobislim has been selected as the WAP site to test mobile ad campaigns and measure results. It’s all part of a path-breaking white paper called “Mobile advertising for newbies”, that was announced today at ad-tech in London.


"Mobile advertising for newbies" white paperPeggy Anne Salz, author of the white paper and chief analyst and publisher of www.msearchgroove.com, has chosen this site because its the only open space available to marketers for experimentation and a perfect Petri dish to test all our ideas and assumptions about mobile campaigns and analytics tools. It’s going to be an exciting exercise that doesn’t stop there. Peggy and I will continue to blog about our experiences at our sites and encourage your participation and feedback.


So I invite everyone to road test mobile advertising and to use Mobislim as a platform for this. The site is an ideal destination where anyone can learn how to run successful mobile advertising campaigns, without having to spend lots of money in advance or even developing a mobile site.


To find out more about this white paper and download you complimentary copy, please go to bango.com/whitepaper

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