Yahoo! Mobile ad services unable to connect

29 10 2008

I have been trying to test out Yahoo! mobile search advertising for a while now…

The first time I contacted them was at the end of September, I went to Yahoo!’s website and went into the advertisement options with the intention to set up a mobile search campaign. I started with the targeting options but soon I realised that in this process, I wasn’t going to be offered the possibility to set up my campaign for mobile. I went back to the website and found a UK telephone number to ring. A lady told me she couldn’t find anyone to help me at that moment, but she kindly took my phone number and told me someone would call me. That didn’t happen.

The second time I rang them was the beginning of October and this time I was given a telephone number in Barcelona (Spain). I was told that Yahoo!’s mobile division was based there. Since I’m Spanish, I rushed to call them and communicate in my mother tongue, unfortunately all I got was an answering machine. I left a message anyway, asking for somebody to call me, but that hasn’t happened yet either.

Last week I came across this url: I went to find out if that was the place I could set up my mobile campaign on line. I pressed the Start Connecting button in the advertisers area, hoping to start my campaign straight away. Unfortunately all you can do there is fill a form showing your interest in mobile search advertising, and guess what…nobody has contacted me yet.

It has been a month and I have scoured two different websites and rang two different telephone numbers, with no results! Yahoo! is not making it easy to try their mobile search advertising program. Isn’t Yahoo! interested in the long tail advertisers?

I’m quite surprised about the long list of companies that don’t have an online sign up processes yet, especially since some smaller companies like Decktrade or Admob, let you set up a mobile advertising campaign in minutes. Companies like Yahoo! are shaping the future of mobile search and mobile advertising but are failing to provide basic information on how to get started. The least they could do is start phoning those who are eager to embrace mobile marketing.

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