GoMo News Mobile Advertising list – the top 136 companies

11 08 2009

The folks at GomoNews have updated their list GoMo News Mobile Advertising list – the top 136 companies. Thank you GoMo News for

compiling and updating this list! I think this was much needed for the market place as acentral point to access, when thinking about your mobile marketing strategy. It’s also great for beginners to help to differenciate between ad networks, mobile platforms and mobile analytics.

GoMo News mobile advertising list - the top 136 companies

GoMo News mobile advertising list - the top 136 companies

The list has been broken into six categories, to make it easier to browse. Descriptions of each are below:

A: Agencies

An advertising agency manages and runs campaigns for mobile brands.

B: Ad Networks

An Ad network is usually a self-service platform where brands and consumers can manage the sale of ad inventory online.

C: Ad Enablers

An ad enabler is an exchange that can serve adverts from a number of mobile ad networks to your mobile site. Enablers also manage in application advertising for games and iPhone applications.

D: Ad Based Business Model

These are mobile companies with an advertising based service. An ad insertion platform or those that offer SMS and MMS advertising.

E: Mobile Platforms

These are platforms that serve mobile adverts and can be sold into companies and operators.

F: Mobile analytics

These are mobile analytics companies. They can track your users on your mobile site. Bango Mobile Analytics is in this section. Just to give you a head up Bango Analytics gives you the most accurate data in real time.

Download now the Mobile Advertising list – the top 136 companies in pdf format.

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