Is mobile advertising an important part of your marketing strategy? Survey results

24 10 2008

Bango has recently carried out a survey within their customers to get some info about their mobile marketing activities and preferred mobile advertising networks.  I thought that as we have been analyzing results from the white paper I would share this data with you.

79 people completed the survey

And here are the results:

1) Is mobile advertising an important part of your marketing strategy?

73.4%  said YES
3.8% said NO

2) Which mobile advertising networks/search advertising networks to you use?
(multiple answers allowed)

Google 86.7%
Yahoo! 26.7%
Adultmoda/Admoda 21.7%
Third Screen Media 16.7%
JumpTap 13.3%
Admob 13.3%
MoJiva 8.3%
Decktrade 5.0% 3.3%
Medio 3.3%
Mkhoj 3.3%
ZestAdz 1.7% 1.7%

Such as 4thScreen, itext, DIYMAD, Quattro, Nokia Interactive, Develop myself

3) Do you measure the results?

67% said YES
33% said NO

It is quite impressive that 86.7% of the people that reply use Google and very surprising that 33% are not measuring results. Why wouldn’t you measure results on mobile advertising when it is such a measurable channel and there are tools out there to measure results for free? Bango’s mobile analytics can definitely help to explain what is happening with the ads and which ones are converting better. Even if it is just curiosity, wouldn’t you want to find out how many people has seen your ad?



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10 11 2008
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[…] my view, Google “gets” mobile advertising. (Ironically, this view is mirrored in an informal survey of 79 customers conducted by Bango. In it, 86.7 percent of respondents named Google as their number […]

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